Q: How much is a membership?
A: We offer 3 different packages (Surprise, Surprise +, Prime) to cater different family needs starting as low as AED58 per month (if buying a yearly subscription)

Q: Does the membership renew automatically?
A: Yes, to ensure clean delivery cycles and not giving you any downtime in our service, your selected package and duration will be auto-renewed at every end of cycle.

Q: How can I cancel my membership?
A: You can cancel your membership at any time from the APP or by contacting us at

Toys and Books

Q: Are the toys and books new?
A: No, ToyShare is an eco-friendly toy rental platform. When toys and books are returned from another family they are professionally cleaned and ready to be sent to other households.

Q: How do you clean the toys?
A: We have set up a cleaning line with firm procedures to clean and disinfect all toys and books. We use child and ill environment friendly products and UV treatment which insures all our toys and books are clear of germs and bacteria.

Q: Do you charge for broken toys or damaged books?
A: The toys in our collection are very durable and all our books are laminated. We do not charge a replacement fee for regular wear and tear. However, we do charge a replacement fee for toys that are damaged by drawing, water damage or any other damage caused by misuse of the toy.

Q: What happens if I lose the toy or completely damaged it?
A: A total damaged of the toy when it is unusable or replaced by spare parts and completely missing will be charged as per the item wholesale price.

Q: Which brands of toys do you have?
A: We source toys from more than 100 manufacturers that conform to the highest safety standards.


Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: Once a membership has renewed we are unable to process any refunds. However, there are certain circumstances that will qualify for a refund; please, check or Refunds Policy.

Q: Is the payment monthly?
A: No, the payment is paid once when purchasing a package; you can select the amount of months you want to pay in advance.

Then its Auto renewed at the end of the period for the same period, you can cancel anytime before next billing without extra charges


Q: Is there a delivery fee?
A: No, delivery is free of charge

Q: When can I expect my first delivery?
A: We deliver every Thursday and Monday, and you can expect the first delivery on your selected slot right after purchasing a subscription.